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Buccal fat removal

Buccal fat removal


Why do we perform buccal fat removal strongly by indications not as a fashion trend?

Buccal fat removal is a trend of last couple years. By removing the buccal fat pad (encapsulated fat mass in the cheeks - also called Bichat’s fat pad, after Marie François Xavier Bichat), it is possible to gain more pronounced face contours and higher, sharper cheek bones.

Buccal fat removal

Why don’t we support the trend?
- Fat cell atrophy in face is a natural, inevitable process that affects everyone. When that happens, most people wish they would have more fat in their face, because that is what makes them look younger for longer.
- In some cases, buccal fat removal can cause unpleasant scarring.
- For maintaining a youthful appearance, it’s a common practice to transfer fat from different patient’s body areas back in the face, so - why remove something that you’ll need later?
You should remember that buccal fat naturally goes away as you age. When the time comes that you actually thin out around that area of your face, and you know you had buccal fat removal before, you may acquire a scrawny, unhealthy look. Buccal fat cannot be replaced anymore even if you get older!

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