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Composite or helio coating for teeth — aesthetic dentistry for a perfect smile


Composite coating or helio coating for teeth is one of the most popular aesthetic dental services, allowing everyone to make his or her dream of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth come true. Use of helio coating in aesthetic dentistry allows one to achieve maximum results with minimally invasive methods during dental restoration and aesthetic restoration of teeth. It is the composite coating for teeth that is often a better alternative to tooth whitening and veneers. In addition, the favourable prices of composite materials are an undeniable advantage of this solution. Do you want to know if helio coating is the best solution to enhance your smile? Learn more about the benefits of helio coating for dental health and the solution of aesthetic problems.

Helio coating for teeth — a wide range of solutions for addressing cosmetic defects

Helio coating is one of the most effective and fastest services for addressing cosmetic dental defects that is gaining more and more popularity in Latvia as well. With the help of helio-material coating it is possible to solve a wide range of cosmetic defects of the teeth:

✓ changes in tooth colour as a result of diet or lifestyle;

✓ changes in tooth colour after poor quality dental treatment (including filling a tooth with silver);

✓ tooth deformity (crooked teeth, incisors).

In essence, the dental composite coating is similar to dental veneers or plates — a coating made of a composite filling material that is applied to the teeth to get rid of cosmetic defects. However, the most important difference between the composite coating and the veneers is its production and application method. The composite coating is prepared during the procedure and is applied with minimal interference to the existing structure of the tooth. It is important that the helio coating or bonding is also suitable in cases when the cosmetic defect only needs to be corrected for one or individual teeth.

Composite coating for teeth — prices and procedure

Taking into account the specifics of preparation and application of the composite coating, its application procedure is significantly easier leading to a lower service cost. The composite coating application procedure is relatively simple, and it is possible to treat several teeth or even a full row of teeth during one visit. The price of the service is determined by the number of teeth to be treated, because the service cost is provided for the covering of one tooth. The price of the composite coating can vary in different dental clinics, but the average price for the treatment of one tooth is EUR 149. The composite material is individually adapted to the colour of the client's teeth to make it look as natural as possible, while improving the appearance of existing teeth. It is important to remember that prior to applying the helio coating, it is necessary to consult a dentist about the general health of the teeth and oral cavity, as well as to visit a dental hygienist. Also, after application of the composite materials, it will be necessary to take special care of the teeth, as well as it is necessary to polish the composite material once per year to maintain the obtained result.

Veneer and tooth whitening alternative

Customers often prefer veneers to address various dental cosmetic defects, such as pigmentation and tooth deformity. Similarly, patients in most cases want to address the discoloration of their teeth using chemical teeth whitening. However, in most cases of cosmetic dental defects, a minimally invasive method is more appropriate for patients that will not adversely affect the structure and health of the teeth in the long run, while providing excellent results. An alternative to these two so popular aesthetic dental services is the coating of your teeth with composite or helio-materials. For the aesthetic restoration of teeth, a composite coating can be a better alternative to veneers, as it requires minimal intervention in the tooth structure. In addition, the process is faster and simpler, and the result is equally efficient. Chemical tooth whitening is not always suitable for all patients. For people with more sensitive teeth or gums, this procedure can cause long-term discomfort and dental health problems, so the composite coating is a great alternative to whitening, giving the teeth the desired shade and at the same time correcting minor shape defects.

Frequently asked questions about helio coating

What does composite coating for teeth mean?

Composite coating for teeth is a coating with composite filling material that is used to restore teeth, preventing pigmentation and correcting tooth shape defects.

Is the application of the composite coating gentle to dental tissue?

Yes, application of the composite coating is one of the most gentle methods of aesthetic dentistry. It only requires minimal grinding of teeth without any other intervention to the tooth structure.

Can helio coating correct diastema?

Yes, helio-material coating can reduce or completely fill the diastema of the anterior teeth.

Can helio coating prevent changes in tooth colour after filling of the teeth with silver?

Yes, helio coating of the teeth helps to prevent tooth pigmentation — both tooth pigmentation caused by eating and lifestyle habits and pigmentation caused by silver.

How long does the helio coating last and maintain the achieved results?

Helio coating retains its properties for 7-10 years.

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