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Lower Eyelid correction options

Dr. Evija Rodke - Sproģe: lower eyelid correction options


Eyes are the mirror of our soul. When we talk to a person, we perceive the area of the eye as one whole - the upper and the LOWER EYELIDS together. We've told a lot about the upper eyelids, so this time Dr. Evija Rodke-Sproģe will tell you about the lower eyelid corrections.

This is a delicate area - the lower eyelid is closely connected to the face, with the cheeks, so this zone should always be always perceived as one whole. Previously it was thought that in case of cosmetic surgeries near the eyes, both -upper and lower eyelids should be operated on. Today new technologies and opportunities in beauty and medicine industry reduce the need for the surgery.

Watch the video and find out how and in what cases plastic surgery can help to get rid of the "under-eye bag effect" and/or the dark circles under the eyes.