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INTIMATE PLASTIC SURGERY – quick, simple and safe

INTIMATE PLASTIC SURGERY – quick, simple and safe


Regarding plastic operations it is often believed that it is something requiring serious preparation – long-term consultations, examinations etc. Yes, there are operations requiring more thorough preparation, but there are also ones to be done quickly, conveniently, qualitatively WITHOUT serious preparation! One of them is surgery to correct vaginal inner lips! Moreover – this operation is perfect to do during summer period. Why? Read and find out!

This problem is usually not spoken aloud but it affects many women. Situation when the vaginal inner lips (labia minora) have grew longer than outer vaginal lips (labia majora), are not symmetric or even have merged together is quite common problem among female. An exactly because it is not accepted to speak about it many women even don’t know how QUICKLY and SIMPLY it is to resolve this problem!

It does not require long preparation

Surgery to correct vaginal inner lips does not require great preparation – you don’t need long-term consultations, examinations, any selections of sizes (as, for example, for breast correction operations) or slimming (as it is needed, for example, before abdominal plastic operations). Everything is happening faster and simpler - if a patient decides about the operation she visits the physician, receives consultation and can have surgery already the same day; it is fast and easy process. Recovery period after the operation is also not very long, whereas the result you can gain is beautiful and quickly appreciable!

The recovery period is not long

Why exactly summer is suitable time for this operation? Because as after all operations, also after this operation you cannot show the fresh scars to the sun. But regarding the correction of vaginal inner lips this problem drops off, isn’t it? It means that after the operation you will be able to safely enjoy both summer and sun without worrying about the scars which may gain ugly pigmentation under influence of UV radiation. And as it said before, this is very fast and convenient operation providing nice and already soon appreciable result. It means that if you do it during summer there will be no long recovery period and thus you will not lose so beautiful summer days but will be able to enjoy them fully!

The scars are not noticeable

After 1-1.5 months when the inner sutures are absorbed and edema disappeared even your gynecologist will not be able to find out that any operation has been done here in the past