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First step consultation

How to prepare for the surgery? How long is the recovery process? What is the best solution for my problem? What tests should I complete before the surgery? How much the surgery costs? 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that will be answered during your consultation with our experts.

Every person wishing to have a plastic surgery or beauty injections will have questions on how to prepare. The clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic surgery services (breast augmentation and reduction, stomach and intimate area surgery, eyelid and nose correction surgery, intimate area surgery etc.). Consultations before any medical manipulations are an important factor that allows the client to make the best decision. It is also important for the surgeon to fully understand the client’s wishes in order to achieve the best possible results.

What is the preparation process before the procedure after the information is provided and the decision on the surgery made?

  • We inform the client about the documents required for the surgery (contract signing, agreement on the surgery, anaesthesiologist's survey, etc.).
  • An advance payment is made to book the surgery. The sum depends on the surgery scale (500 EUR for large-scale surgeries, 300 EUR for smaller surgeries). The advance payment sum is included in the total cost of the surgery.
  • The patient will be informed about the individual tests and check-ups that must be done before the surgery.
  • The clinic will provide all information about preparation for the surgery (eating, payment order, recovery period).

What tests should I complete before the surgery?

  •  In case of small-scale surgeries (eyelid correction, intimate area surgeries) full blood test is required together with tests for hepatitis types B and C.
  • Large-scale surgeries (body and face surgeries, breast correction) require urine sample tests and biochemical blood tests (ASAT, ALAT, creatinine), blood clotting factor, blood group and Rh factor, lung check-up, etc.
  • Additional tests and check-ups might be required in particular cases.

 How long is the recovery process?

  • When planning the surgery, it is important to understand that any surgical procedure requires a recovery period.
  • The clinic can issue a doctor’s note for a 9-day period, which can be extended by visiting a general practitioner.
  • Large-scale surgeries (breast correction, body surgery), require at a least a week of peace and quiet (no work, driving or daily chores), and the patient must wear special lingerie for a month.
  • Usually, the patient can return to their daily life on the second week, however, there are restrictions on lifting heavy objects, rapid movements and strenuous activities. After a month the patient will be able to go to a swimming pool or sauna, as well as to sunbathe and do sports.
  • For women it is recommended to avoid planning the surgery during menstruation period.
    Every case is unique and, therefore, we provide the best solutions for our patients wishes, well-being and health!

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