"To look better - it's not luck, it's a decision!" / Dr. Evija Rodke

Breast corrections

Prices are for information only.

First consultation of plastic surgeon (Dr. Rodke) 60.00 EUR
First consultation of plastic surgeon (Dr. Keirāns; Dr. Rudakovska, Dr. Lāce) 50.00 EUR
Repeated consultation of plastic surgeon 40.00 - 45.00 EUR
First breast consultation with implant measurement (up to 1 h) 80.00 EUR
Online consultation (20 min) 45.00 EUR
Gynaecomastia 2600.00 - 3500.00 EUR
Gynaecomastia: gland removal 1930.00 EUR
Correction of retracted nipples 1030.00 - 1500.00 EUR
Breast augmentation with adipose tissue From 3000 EUR
Breast and armpit mass surgery 240.00 - 1500.00 EUR
Breast augmentation with implants* 3600.00 - 4350.00 EUR
Breast lift 3350.00 - 5300.00 EUR
Breast augmentation with implants + Breast lift 4800.00 - 5500.00 EUR
Breast reduction 3600.00 - 5950.00 EUR
Breast reduction + implants 5600.00 - 6300.00 EUR
Removal of implant/s 2000.00 - 2700.00 EUR
Liquid silicone removal from breasts and surrounding tissue 3800.00 - 4500.00 EUR

*In special cases, for example, correction of previously done surgeries, correction of problematic breasts, additional payment is applied and is calculated according to the surgery length and level of complexity. The price is discussed during a separate visit.
Additional price may be added to non-standard or custom implants, as well as B-lite implants.

* The highest price is in cases when specific implants are used

The stated operation prices include everything: anesthesia, surgery, ward, medications, catering, dressings, postoperative bedclothes, and a follow-up visit.

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