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Dr. Dina Mihailova provides dermatology services in the clinic “Aesthetica”.  For 12 years the doctor has worked together with plastic surgeons in the fields of general and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Mihailovai has a very wide range of practical knowledge, which she shares by teaching other experts in aesthetic dermatology.

 In the clinic “Aesthetica” Dina Mihailova provides a full range of services of a dermatologist-venereologist, as well as all types f beauty injections – fillers, botulin toxin, and bio-revitalization. Also, the doctor has an extensive experience in working with lasers and correction of all types of scar tissue – new and fresh scars and old and changed scars, as well as all types of skin formations.

Service prices

Biorevitalization (for one unit (1 — 3 ml) depending on the brand) 165 - 405 EUR
Botulinum - 0,1 ml 30 EUR
Fillers (for one unit (0,5 — 1 ml) depending on the brand) 165 - 405 EUR
Consultation price for repeated injection procedures 30 EUR
One unit 180 EUR
Botulinum injection into biting muscle (masseter) 200 – 300 EUR
Botulinum injection for migraine treatment 200 – 300 EUR
Restoration of neck/décolleté area 240 – 435 EUR
Hand restoration 120 EUR
Elbow restoration 120 EUR
Knee restoration 120 EUR
Armpit area 120 – 150 EUR
Neck area 120 – 180 EUR
Eye area 80 – 160 EUR
Brest area 60 – 210 EUR
Other areas in one visit 25 EUR / papilloma
Virus/infection papilloma (condyloma) in genital area 120-260 EUR
Face area From 150 EUR (+ 30 EUR, if histological analysis is required)
Body 65 (one birthmark) – 200 (three and more) EUR
Placentex injections – anti-dystrophic treatment (scar correction (hypertrophic, keloid); facial skin restoration; acne; rosacea; post-acne scars) 60 EUR (1 ampule)
Wart/formation treatment with liquid nitrogen – cryo-destruction From 45 EUR

Specialists who provide service

Dermatologist, venereologist, aesthetic medicine specialist

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