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First step – consultation How to prepare for the surgery? How long is the recovery process? What is the best solution for my problem? What tests should I complete before the surgery? How much the surgery costs? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that will be answered during your consultation with our

Eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lift

The aim of the eyebrow correction is to lift sunken eyebrows. With time eyebrows sag and slide lower. Skin and soft tissue loose flexibility, thus the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes becomes smaller. Sagging eyebrows create a tired, angry or sad look.

Eyebrows can be lifted in several ways:

  • as a part of full forehead plastic surgery;
  • by a direct cut in eyebrow hair line;
  • by botulin toxin injections.

The most suitable method will be determined by the expert.

During the facial plastic surgery, the excess skin is removed and the tissue below the skin is changed, which results in a restored face contour and a younger look.

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A large part of our clients comes from abroad. These are both Latvians living abroad and nationals of other countries. We have summarized the most important aspects to know and to take into account, if you plan a surgery with us and don’t live in Latvia on a permanent basis: For patients from abroad

Yes, it is possible, if the total volume of each surgery is not exceedingly large and the total surgery time fits within 5-6-hour limit. Most often breast and stomach correction surgeries are performed simultaneously (“mommy makeover”), as well as breast and upper eyelid correction surgeries.

We care about our clients; therefore, we provide an option to sign a payment contract that stipulates a 60% payment of total surgery costs before surgery and payment of remaining 40% without any additional interest within the next three months. In this case the client must provide a statement from an employer or SRS that contains information about the official place of employment.

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