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First step – consultation How to prepare for the surgery? How long is the recovery process? What is the best solution for my problem? What tests should I complete before the surgery? How much the surgery costs? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that will be answered during your consultation with our

Face lift

With time every face changes – skin, hypodermis, muscle-aponeurosis systems become less flexible and sag. The sunken tissue in cheek and jaw-line areas is impossible to correct by use of cosmetic products, massages, lasers, injection or other procedures.

The surgery is performed in cases of excess skin along jaw-line, bull-dog cheeks, double chin, excess skin on the neck, sagging cheeks, very deep nose and mouth wrinkles.

During facial plastic surgery excess skin is removed, the hypodermis, muscle and aponeurosis layers are fixed in place by surgery, thus restoring the face contour and making it look younger.

Often facial plastic surgery is combined with neck plastic surgery since separate neck correction is rarely performed. Facial plastic surgery are also often and successfully combined with various injections.

Neck lift

Neck plastic surgery is most often combined with facial plastic surgery. Excess skin is removed together with fat around the jaw line, which results in a more pronounced and younger-looking neck. The results will be long-lasting; however, no neck correction can stop the process of ageing.


Both upper and lower eyelids can be corrected separately or together. If only upper or lower eyelids are being corrected, the patients can choose between general or local anaesthesia. If both upper and lower eyelids are corrected, the surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia.

Sagging of upper eyelid skin and fat hernias, that slide into them, can be both in-born and acquired. Correction is required, if:

  • skin is sagging, covers eyelashes, which results in a feeling of heaviness, pressure, tiredness or discomfort;
  • make-up is collected and smeared in the skin creases;
  • Increased tearing in the eyes, while doctors are unable to find any disease;
  • impossible to tattoo permanent lines.

In such cases ophthalmologists and cosmetologists recommend to visit a plastic surgeon. If the correction is performed on family doctor’s or ophthalmologist's order, the clinic receipt and order can be submitted in the yearly report to receive the compensation defined by the law.

Lower eyelids must be corrected, if:

  • excessive skin is present;
  • bags under eyes;
  • dark circles.

Lower eyelid correction removes excess skin, fixes the fat tissue hernias to prevent them from manifestation and formation of bags under eyes.

Often the bag or dark circle effect is caused by cheek sagging and lack of tissue. In such cases surgery with forbidden; correction can only be done by use of injections. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2k912xI  

Double chin correction

Formation of a double chin can affect both excess weight and age. Double chin can also be hereditary. Not always healthy diet and physical activities will help to remove or reduce the double chin, especially if it was caused by age, when skin flexibility and lymphatic activity have reduced.

Double chin correction options:

  • liposuction (local anaesthesia);
  • Belkyra injections (requires 2-6 procedures, depending on the volume of excess fat). The drug affects fat tissue, destroys and removes them from the body.

Removal of the double chin can be combined with facial plastic surgery.

Ear correction (otoplasty)

Surgeries can be performed on ears for children from 6 years of age because the cartilage has already formed. Most often ear corrections for children are performed before starting school so that the child does not have to suffer bullying which is most common during the first school years.

Ear corrections are also often chosen by adults. The surgery is comparatively quick and easy - done under local anaesthesia.

The patient can go home immediately after the procedure. Surgery itself is very calm, completely painless (only anaesthesia injections are felt), children often play games or fall asleep.

An elastic bandage must be worn for a week. Afterwards the patient can wash their hair, however, small bruises may hold for 2-3 weeks.

Correction of tunnel and torn holes

If the tunnel hole has reached 8 mm in diameter, there is a very small chance that it will naturally grow back, however if 1.5 cm diameter has been reached, the ear will never have the same shape. This results in a big hole in the earlobe. If the client wishes, this hole can be corrected.

Surgery takes around 20-30 minutes per ear and is done with local anaesthesia. After the surgery small red scars will be visible, however with time the scars will become greyish-white. Earlobes will look completely right in 4-6 months, without any special signs showing that the ears were previously pierced. Only a small, white scar will be seen. Earlobes can be pierced again after 6 months after surgery, but a 5 mm distance from the small scar must be observed.

Correction of torn earlobes is performed to restore earlobes that were torn by earrings, due to trauma or intentionally stretched. Such damages can occur due to wearing heavy or long earrings for prolonged periods of time, and in cases when ear piercings are located too close to each other or too close to the lower part of the earlobe.

To restore the damaged earlobe, a cut is made along the sides of the damaged area, which is then sewn together.

Questions & Answers

A large part of our clients comes from abroad. These are both Latvians living abroad and nationals of other countries. We have summarized the most important aspects to know and to take into account, if you plan a surgery with us and don’t live in Latvia on a permanent basis: For patients from abroad

Yes, it is possible, if the total volume of each surgery is not exceedingly large and the total surgery time fits within 5-6-hour limit. Most often breast and stomach correction surgeries are performed simultaneously (“mommy makeover”), as well as breast and upper eyelid correction surgeries.

We care about our clients; therefore, we provide an option to sign a payment contract that stipulates a 60% payment of total surgery costs before surgery and payment of remaining 40% without any additional interest within the next three months. In this case the client must provide a statement from an employer or SRS that contains information about the official place of employment.

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