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The goal of the labiaplasty is to reduce excessively large labia minora. Labia majora should cover labia minora. Both labia minora and labia majora can be excessively large or asymmetrical due to various reasons – birth defects, deformation caused by childbirth, due to atrophy caused by hormonal changes.

These defects can create discomfort in daily life, sports, for example, cycling, or in sexual life by causing psycho-emotional discomfort. The goal of the surgery is to remove the excess tissue, which results in restored symmetry and reduction of labia minora.


Perineoplasty corrects defects in the area between the lower joint of labia majora and anus. Often deformations in this area appear after birth – deep and wide tears, repeat birth with tears, incorrect healing, scarring changes after childbirth.

Sometimes discomfort appears during perimenopause or menopause due to loss of tissue elasticity caused by hormonal changes. Most common reasons for perineoplasty – pain in nether regions during physical activity, discomfort, pain during sex, wide vaginal opening, wish to correct the deformations. Surgery can correct nether region defects and reduce the vaginal opening.


Vaginoplasty surgeries are recommended for women with vaginal tears after childbirth that result in scarring or if a wide vaginal opening causes discomfort in sexual life.

During surgery a part of vaginal mucous is removed to reduce the volume of a vagina, while in case of deformation the deformed part is removed. To restore the elasticity of vagina, additional stitches are applied to vaginal muscles, which reduces the volume of the vagina, while increasing the elasticity. In intimal surgery these methods are often combined due to the fact that tears during birth affect nether regions and vagina.

Perineoplasty and vaginoplasty procedures allow for complex correction of vaginal defects and defects in nether regions.

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We care about our clients; therefore, we provide an option to sign a payment contract that stipulates a 60% payment of total surgery costs before surgery and payment of remaining 40% without any additional interest within the next three months. In this case the client must provide a statement from an employer or SRS that contains information about the official place of employment.

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