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First step – consultation How to prepare for the surgery? How long is the recovery process? What is the best solution for my problem? What tests should I complete before the surgery? How much the surgery costs? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that will be answered during your consultation with our

Intimate Corrections


During consultation women often say that they may be the only ones with having this problem. These cases are not discussed in public, also girlfriends keep silent. I can tell you that you are not the only one. There have been many women with this problem in my practice. You may experience it if the small labia is symmetrically or asymmetrically excessively large or the labia is located outside the labia majora. Women say that it causes discomfort when doing sports, during sexual intercourse, with hygiene, choosing lingerie, as well as doing hobbies- riding a bicycle, horse riding, etc. Sometimes the labia is sore, it hurts. The correction lasts for 30 -45 minutes under general anaesthesia. After waking up, the patient can return home, it's not required to spend a night at the clinic. You have to wash your intimate area with camomile tea after using restroom; usual hygiene procedures can be resumed after 3 days. Pantyliners should be worn for the first week, it is also recommended to avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. The area may be sensitive for 3- 4 days; urination is not painful. Nonabsorbable stitches are removed on the 10th day while the absorbable stitches disappear within a period of three months. Therefore we choose the nonabsorable stitches. You shouldn’t do sports, have a bath, attend sauna, solarium for at least 2 weeks. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 2 weeks. Scars are not visible and it does not affect sensitivity of the area.

Hyaluronic acid filler injections to restore labia majora

This procedure is designed to restore visual appearance of labia majora. Hyaluronic acid filler injections restore lost volume in particular areas of the body. The principle is the same as in case of hyaluronic acid injections into facial skin – a “void” is filled.

With time labia major can lose its volume, firmness and form due to ageing processes that directly affect this part of female body and due to hormonal changes after pregnancy or during menopause period, as well as due to serious illnesses or chemotherapy. Labia majora can lose its attractive shape after rapid weight loss too.

Filling injections are also applied in cases of small and underdeveloped labia majora.

The particular procedure is suitable for any woman, who is not satisfied with the appearance of her labia majora and wishes to restore its volume, firmness, flexibility and attractive appearance. This procedure is also available to young women and it helps to correct asymmetry.

 G-point injections

This procedure is designed to increase sexual pleasures and improve sex-life in general. During the procedure the G-point area in the vagina is expanded by use of hyaluronic acid filler injections.

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We care about our clients; therefore, we provide an option to sign a payment contract that stipulates a 60% payment of total surgery costs before surgery and payment of remaining 40% without any additional interest within the next three months. In this case the client must provide a statement from an employer or SRS that contains information about the official place of employment.

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