"To feel better - it's not luck, it's a decision!" / Dr. Evija Rodke

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First step – consultation How to prepare for the surgery? How long is the recovery process? What is the best solution for my problem? What tests should I complete before the surgery? How much the surgery costs? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that will be answered during your consultation with our


Physiotherapist is a specialist that will help you feel better in your own physical body. Physiotherapist will evaluate your state of health and daily factors that stress your body. The most suitable treatment programme for you will be developed and implemented. This programme will be unique due to the fact that every person is unique with their own individual abilities, wishes, life goals and dreams.

Your willing participation in the treatment process is an essential part of physical therapy, since it is not a pill that will make you better, but a change of lifestyle and habits.

Physiotherapist’s consultation is required in following cases:

  • If your daily life is filled with repeat movements or static poses, which lead to discomfort or pain;
  • If you suffer from long-term pains in locomotor system;
  • If you feel stiff and tired at the start of the day;
  • If you wish to improve your physical wellbeing and appearance;
  • If you have suffered sports trauma or injuries after which you don’t feel as completely functionally restored;
  • If you had surgeries that negatively affect your quality of life or you are unsure on how to restart your previous physical activities;
  • If you are a young mother after birth and don’t feel that your physical wellbeing and appearance have been restored;
  • If you wish to talk with an expert who will help you understand the basic principles of maintenance of your locomotor system in your daily life and other specific cases;

During the consultation, the physiotherapist will evaluate your posture, power and length of your muscles, state of your scar tissue, and will study the results of previously done health examinations. After evaluation of all of the abovementioned information and any additional tests to determine state of your health, the physiotherapist will choose the most suitable methods to restore your health and working capacity.

Physiotherapy can also help to prepare for the surgery by increasing muscle power, improving blood circulation and movement efficiency. These factors ensure faster and easier recovery during post-surgery period.

During the post-surgery period the help of physiotherapist will allow the patient to return to daily activities in sports in a safer and faster way.

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