"To look better - it's not luck, it's a decision!" / Dr. Evija Rodke

Alīna Semjonova

Alīna Semjonova


Certified cosmetologist with a medical personnel certificate and internationally recognized diploma ITEC 3. Has acquired the profession of cosmetologist in the professional school “Beauty School”. The expert regularly attends various seminars, exhibitions and scientific conferences in Latvia and abroad to improve theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills. Studied massage techniques in the international Jelena Zemskova massage school.


· Consultations and development of individual skin-care programms for clinical and home conditions.

· Medical facial skin purification, various peeling procedures (AHA, BHA, retinol, almond), anti-ageing procedures, whitening, moisturising and SPA procedures.

· Face massage: classic, lymph drainage, chiro-massage, plastic vibration massage, neck and décolleté area massage.

· Use of various equipment: micro-current therapy, mesoporation, diamond microdermabrasion, vacuum massage.

· Eyebrow and eyelid colouring, eyebrow correction in accordance with the facial features.

· Waxing.

· Invasive procedures: mesotherapy and bio-revitalization, etc.

Consults and provides -


Manual facial skin cleansing or with use of multifunctional apparatus 40 EUR
Express procedure (40 min.) 40 EUR
Treatment of specific and problematic skin (scars, zits, couperosis, pigmentation) 75-120 EUR
Intensive eye area care 40 EUR
Pre-surgery skin preparation procedure 60-90 EUR
Post-surgery rehabilitation procedures 60-120 EUR
ColdPlasma rehabilitation procedure From 75 EUR
Individual – complex skin care according to the type and state of skin 60-90 EUR
Vitamin C+C procedure Natura Bissé 75 EUR
Essential shock anti-ageing procedure Natura Bissé 90 EUR
Skin Comfort soothing procedure Natura Bissé 75 EUR
RED-APAX procedure for sensitive skin Meder (Switzerland) 90 EUR
Hydra – Fill deeply moisturising procedure Meder (Switzerland) 90 EUR
LIPO – OVAL non-invasive facial contour correction Meder (Switzerland) 90 EUR
EU – SEB procedure for skin with acne and seboregulation issues Meder (Switzerland) 90 EUR
ARMA – LIFT anti-ageing and skin regeneration improvement Meder (Switzerland) 95 EUR
Unique lifting collagen procedure Swiss line (Switzerland) 110 EUR
Facial massage: classic/ “Anti-stress”/ Hiro massage IQ/ Blefarolift 35 EUR
Fruit acid peeling 60 EUR
Carboxytherapy 90 EUR
TCA peeling PRX-T33 90-120 EUR
AEBIOPEEL (Oenanthe/ TMC/ Esabiopeel/ B. phasic) 90 EUR
ZO’Skin Health Obagi 90-220 EUR
Procedures with innovative and unique ColdPlasma device From 75 EUR
Mesotherapy with no injections 100 EUR
Vacuum massage 70 EUR
Diamond microderm abrasion 70 EUR
Mio-stimulation therapy 70 EUR
Chromatherapy – colour healing 70 EUR
Eyebrow correction / shaping 15 EUR
Eyelash or eyebrow colouring (each) 15 EUR
Eyelash + eyebrow colouring 20 EUR
Eyelash + eyebrow colouring + correction 25 EUR
Face area 15 EUR
Armpits 15 EUR
Legs up to knees 20 EUR
Legs at whole length 35 EUR
Arms 20 EUR
Bikini sides 25 EUR
Bikini deep 50 EUR
Back 40 EUR

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