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Dr. Igors Troickis

Dr. Igors Troickis

Surgeon, certified procrologist

Certified surgeon, a proctologist with 25 years of experience in general surgery.


laparoscopic surgery, abdominal surgery in colorectal and bariatricsurgery, hernia corrections.

A member of the Latvian Surgeon Association.

Consults and provides -


Correction of umbilical hernia within full abdominoplasty + 575 EUR
Correction of umbilical hernia (separate) 700 – 800 EUR
Groin hernia plastics with Prolen Mash 800 EUR
Post-surgery hernia plastics From 800 EUR
Circumcision for a child 700 EUR
Circumcision for an adult 800 EUR

The stated operation prices include everything: anesthesia, surgery, ward, medications, catering, dressings, postoperative bedclothes, and a follow-up visit.

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