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Dr. med. Andrejs Srebnijs

Dr. med. Andrejs Srebnijs

Surgeon, mammologist, oncologist

More than 35 years of experience in surgery, 30 years of experience in oncology. Performed more than 10 thousand surgeries.

About the specialist:

  • • Certified surgeon
  • • Certified surgeon-oncologist
  • • Doctor of medical sciences
  • • Works in the Latvian Oncology centre as a surgeon since 1989
  • • Associate professor of the Oncology department of the University of Latvia
  • • Member of Association of breast diseases of Latvia
  • • Main specialisation – breast surgery
  • • Specializes in reconstructive – plastic surgery of lacteal glands
  • • Applies all methods of oncoplastic surgery, a support of lacteal gland preserving surgeries
  • • Was the first among oncologists to perform breast reconstruction by use of tissue (skin-muscle parts) relocation methods 
  • • Has a perfect knowledge of silicone implant moulding methods


  • • In 2015 received a Doctor’s degree in Medical sciences (speciality – oncology)
  • • In 2013 began doctorate studies in University of Latvia (field of medicine, speciality in oncology and haematology)
  • • 1991 – specialization courses in general oncology in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (received an oncologist’s certificate)
  • • 1983 – surgery internship in the 7th Riga hospital (hospital “Gailezers”) (received a surgeon’s certificate)
  • • 1982 – Riga Institute of Medicine, department of medical treatment (doctor’s diploma)

Additional education and scientific work:

• Improves his knowledge and skills on a regular basis by attending international and local seminars and training courses; has had several residencies abroad

• Participates in local and international congresses and conferences on a regular basis; has received three awards for the best presentation

Lectures, reports

• Has participated in several international congresses and conferences as a guest lecturer

• Often speaks as at meetings organized by surgeon, gynaecologist and oncologist associations, reads lectures to doctors and middle medical personal, teaches oncology course to the 5th year students of the University of Latvia.


  • • Breast gland diseases
  • • Consults women and men on all breast gland diseases and issues
  • • Benign and malicious tumours
  • • Inflammatory diseases, including lactation mastitis
  • • Mastopathy
  • • Male gynecomastia 
  • • Inborn breast pathology (development issues, asymmetry)
  • • Breast deformation caused by diseases or previous surgeries
  • • Breast reconstruction after breast removal

Performs diagnostic and treatment procedures:

  • • Breast ultrasound diagnostics (USG)
  • • Puncture and drainage with ultrasound control
  • • Tissue biopsy with ultrasound control
  • • All types of breast surgery
  • • Consults patients and performs surgeries in possible and confirmed cases of oncology and pre-cancer skin and soft tissue diseases (basalioma, melanoma, flat cell skin cancer, lypoma, fibroma, soft tissue sarcoma)

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