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Dr. Nellija Lietuviete

Dr. Nellija Lietuviete


Experienced gynaecologist, expert on birth.
For many years she has been working in emergency and planned gynaecology, diagnoses and treats gynaecological diseases, performs all types of gynaecological surgery.

Actively participates in international clinical trials, writes scientific articles for medical journals (studies, clinical cases, etc.) and popular science publications – interviews, expert’s advice columns in journals etc.


– Head of the Riga Eastern university clinic (RAKUS) Gynaecology clinic since 2010;

– Has been voted twice as the president of Association of Latvian gynaecologists and obstetricians;

– Head of Gynaecology department in “Bikernieki” hospital since 1996;

– For 15 years has worked in the Riga 1st emergency hospital, while being employed as an associate professor at the Birth and gynaecology faculty of Riga Institute of Medicine.

– Graduated from Riga Institute of Medicine with distinction;

– Graduated from Bebrene secondary school with golden medal.

Additional training – Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.
Participates in and organizes professional conferences and congresses. Trains residents of all profiles.


– Small pelvis base correction surgeries in cases of sex organ sagging by use of the latest technologies;

– Operational treatment of urine incontinence;

– Gynaecological endocrinology;

– A certified expert in ultrasonographic diagnostics in gynaecology and birth science.

Consults on and performs:

– Intimal plastic surgery;

– Gynaecological ultrasonoscopy.

Consults and provides -

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