"To look better - it's not luck, it's a decision!" / Dr. Evija Rodke

Katrīna Barinova

Katrīna Barinova

Beautician, nutrition specialist

Certified beautician with higher education in medicine:

– Member of Association of cosmeticians and cosmetologists of Latvia (LKKA);

– Member of Association of Dietologists and nutrition experts of Latvia;

Visits various seminars, exhibitions and scientific conferences in Latvia an abroad to study theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills in cosmetology and nutrition science.


2008 – 2019, eleven years of experience in private cosmetologist’s practice;

Has received a diploma in “Orthomolecular cosmetology” from RSU;                      

Since 2016 teaches cosmetology and nutrition science in “Beauty School” secondary school;

Has received a Master’s degree in Nutrition science from Riga Stradins University;

A certified cosmetologist since 2012;

Has received an international CIDESCO diploma from cosmetics school;                                        

Has received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Riga Stradins University;     

Has received a MasterClass diploma in facial care;                                      

Received a degree in Business and management from Riga Technical University;

  • Provides consultations, develops individual skin care programmes for treatment both in a clinical environment and at home.  Performs procedures on facial skin purification, various peeling procedures (AHA, BHA, retinol, aroma, cryo), anti-age procedures, whitening, moisturising and SPA procedures.
  • Performs injection procedures for face restoration – mesotherapy, biorevitalization.
  • Performs face massages: classic, lymphatic drainage, honey.
  • Performs body and face waxing.

Consults and provides -

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