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Kristīne Karlsone

Kristīne Karlsone

Clinical and health psychologist

Certified clinical and health psychologist Kristīne Karlsone has received a master’s degree in psychology from the Latvian University and has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of psychological counselling.

In Aesthetica K. Karlsone offers individual psychological help:

· counselling for adults

· counselling for couples

· counselling for children

· psychological research and conclusions.

Psychologist can help:

· people that are unable to make a decision, are in doubt and are not confident in their choice;

· people going through loss;

· to understand various unpleasant feelings in the body that have no physical reasons;

· in cases of increased anxiety, constant tension;

· in cases of various types of depression and dejection;

· people who often feel offended, are often angry with others and feel that these feelings make their lives harder;

· in cases of psycho-somatic issues that cannot be medically explained (vegetative dystonia, sleep issues, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.);

· in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (car crashes, accidents, violence, etc.);

· in cases of co-dependent relationships in the family or at work;

· in cases of consequences caused by emotional violence or manipulative action;

· to understand better own-self and other people.

At individual request, the psychologist also provides aroma-therapy and aroma diagnostics services.

Kristīne Karlsone is a member of the Latvian aromatherapy association, as well as Association of Latvian Clinical psychologists and member of the Latvian psychologist community.

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