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tubular breasts

TUBULAR or “tube-like” breasts – what is it?


Text: Krista Leškēviča, Evija Āboltiņa

They may negatively affect self-confidence and life quality in general because they simply don’t look as you want – they are not round, they are not feminine and beautiful… Tubular breasts – what they are, why they are so? And can they be changed?


Tubular breasts are also called “tube-like” breasts, “bubble-like” breasts narrowed at their base or “conical” breasts, etc. It means that as an adult woman her breasts have not developed completely during her puberty. They have not become rounded and full but look at their base as narrow, elongated, as compressed, sometimes disproportionally big, outward-facing, downward-directed areolas. Usually, tubular breasts are far from each other, at their base, at the ribs they have little breast tissues, whereas the areolar part is bloated, big, and squeezed out. Such breasts may look slipped down also in very young women. The breasts look “tight” – for example, above an areola, they are normal, whereas below it they look as compressed. There are many different subtypes of tubular breasts.

Tubularas Krutis

By the way, tubular breasts have been observed also in men more rarely but there are such situations!


Tubular breasts develop during puberty – when the development and growth of breasts happens. Exactly in this time due to some reasons, it is disturbed and as a result tubular breasts develop – a mammalian gland does not develop and grow completely. It cannot be described why it happens. It is assumed that the development of the tubular breasts is determined by hormones or genetic inheritance. Tubular breasts by being bilateral or only single – then also asymmetry is observed. Tubular breasts can be divided in degrees – there are women with only slightly tubular breasts and there are such in whom this problem is very pronounced.

By the way, it is believed that many women have tubular breasts of different degrees. However, there are no certain statistical data on all women but there are data obtained from women visiting plastic surgeons – in the USA every fifth woman who wants to boost or otherwise correct her breasts has congenital tubular breasts of different degrees.


It is clear that such breasts affect a woman’s life quality. Of course, everything depends on the degree of tubular breasts. Many women have never thought that their breasts could be different; they accept that their breasts have such shape and that’s it. It becomes a problem when for a woman these narrow, long, or otherwise changed breasts really create discomfort, and interfere with feeling free, for example, in intimal relationships, etc.

There is one more reason why tubular breasts may affect a woman’s life quality – not always but there is sometimes a situation when tubular breasts make it impossible fully breastfeed her baby because her breast tissues, including mammalian glands, have not developed completely or are markedly narrowed, compressed. However, it is not observed in most cases but is possible.


Possibilities provided by plastic surgery will help to change the appearance of tubular breasts. It is in principle the only way who to change the appearance of tubular breasts. Possibilities provided by plastic surgery open for a woman the way to get beautiful, full, symmetric female breasts. See the pictures BEFORE and AFTER!

THE FIRST PATIENT – photos are taken BEFORE and 4 years AFTER the surgery – so the visible result is really an outcome!


THE SECOND PATIENT – photos are taken BEFORE and shortly AFTER the surgery!