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Volume of breast implants explained

Volume of breast implants explained


Patients frequently ask about volume of breast implants. We would like to inform you: the digit does not denote a volume - different manufacturers use different digits of the code. Some measure implants in ml, some in grams, some - in cc units.

 For example, B-lite implants 365 cc correspond to 275 g but the exact same implant in centimeters from Motiva is 425 cc. And implant profiles has a significant impact as well!

Volume of breast implants explained

So, dear ladies, please, stop focusing on the numbers. You have to decide what you like, try on different sizers and see what suits your body proportions. 


2 implants - different profiles - different bases and heights - for the same digit 300

Volume of breast implants explained

3 implants - three different profiles for digit 280 - different bases and different heights, but for all the number is 280

Volume of breast implants explained

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